Development concept
To provide the best quality cyclodextrin products Pursue the innovation and excellence of production technology Ensure no residue of food grade excipients Suitable for improving the performance of a variety of inclusion systems
About us
Yunfu Lixin Technology Co., LTD., formerly known as Yunnan Yongauroid Dextrin Co., LTD., was founded in 1987, focusing on the research and production of cyclodextrin and the development and innovation of related products. It is currently one of the largest specialized manufacturers in China.
Remove odors, improve the solubility and bioavailability of active ingredients, keep the system stable, turn liquid food into solid state.
The key technology
Preparation, application and inclusion of cyclodextrin
Strive to innovate and ensure quality
Power innovation Information
Latest industry news and information
Alpha-cyclodextrin is often used as a stabilizer and thickener in the food industry due to its hydrophobic and hydrophilic cavity structure.  
With more and more attention paid to environmental protection, cyclodextrin has attracted more and more attention in wastewater treatment and environmental monitoring.  
Are you still upset? The synthetic path of organic compounds is complex, time-consuming and laborious, and can also cause environmental pollution and waste!
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